Camping Bellsol donates €13,133.00 to the Association of Friends and Volunteers of the Hospital (AVAH) linked to the Maresme and La Selva Health Corporation, during the “ 1 euro per nit de reserva” campaign that it carries out annually.

In the last hree years, Camping Bellsol has allocated €24,948.00 to the aid programs developed by the Association.

Camping Bellsol annually allocates one euro per reservation night contracted through its platform to a non-profit entity. 

Therefore, if this year you have made your reservation through our website, by phone or in person, you have allocated one euro to this project for each night you stay at the campsite.

If you have made the reservation through external platforms (Booking, etc.) we invite you to make future reservations through our website and collaborate in a social project that we propose annually!

During the last three years, €24,948.00 has been allocated to projects carried out by the Association of Friends and Volunteers of the Hospital (AVAH). Even in a pandemic situation, Camping Bellsol maintained its commitment, understanding that, within the complex situation we were experiencing, necessary social projects for the community should be supported and maintained.

The AVAH develops five care programs linked to Calella and Blanes Hospitals, mainly in:

– Hospital and socio-sanitary volunteer program to accompany and help people who have to be admitted to the hospital. This accompaniment aims to provide both emotional support and support for home and hospital orders, reception and support for patients admitted to hospitals, telephone service, etc. This program is coordinated by a social worker with the participation of about forty volunteers.

– Program “Els SOMriure”. Hospital clowns. The objective of this accompaniment is to care for children admitted to the Hospital’s Pediatric Unit through emotional and playful accompaniment. The team is made up of five professional clowns and during the last three years they have supported 249 children.

– Immediate support service program at home for people in the process of end of life (SSID). This accompaniment aims to assist the patient and his family in both emotional and care support. The program is carried out by a team specialized in palliative care coordinated with the PADES team and the social services of the municipalities of the region. During 2021 they carried out about two thousand services to serve 140 people.

– Care program for families of people with cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. The objective of this accompaniment is to provide a better quality of life for the patient and his family, giving emotional support and providing information on possible resources. It is carried out by a neuropsychologist in coordination with the social work team, the collaboration of volunteers and staff from the Hospital of Calella. During 2021, 178 cases of families or people suffering from the disease were treated.

– “L’Encenall” Workshop Program – Mental Health Social Club. This accompaniment aims to offer a space for contact, relationship and support for people who live with a mental disorder to prevent and act on situations of risk of social exclusion and improve their quality of life. The team is made up of a psychologist, a specialized educator, trainee students, twelve volunteers and a neuropsychologist. During 2021, about sixty users have been part of the Social Club.

Camping Bellsol wants to congratulate and support the work carried out by all AVAH professionals and volunteers. Without the commitment to accompany and care for people who need it our financial contribution would be meaningless.




Who is the AVAH social entity and what functions does it perform?

AVAH is a non-profit organization, linked to Hospital Sant Jaume de Calella, which offers its support to people who suffer from a health problem or are in a situation of social vulnerability through programs and projects. 

Here is the website: https://www.avah.cat/

How do we collaborate with AVAH?

 Càmping Bellsol has started the collaboration by donating five thousand euros (€5,000) to guarantee the continuity of some projects that were about to be cancelled.

Now, Camping Bellsol donates €1 to the association for each direct booking night.  You can also do private donations to the project through the account of: ES24 2100 0022 1102 0057 0159



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